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In just a few clicks, obfuscate HTML source code to prevent its unauthorized viewing or copying.(Understanding the Limitation of HTML Encryption)

  Encrypt HTML Pro

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Obfuscate HTML files and protect your web pages from unauthorized copying.

  • Obfuscate HTML source code with a strong encryption algorithm (Understanding the Limitation of HTML Encryption).
  • Prevent others from viewing and reusing your web page source code, including HTML source code, JavaScript, VBScript, text, links and graphics .
  • The protected page will retain its appearance just as you designed it.
  • Prevent spam robots from extracting email addresses from your web pages.
  • Prevent others from downloading your entire website onto their local hard disk.
  • Prevent access to all web content filters.Encrypt HTML Pro Screenshot
  • Disable the mouse right-click.
  • Disable text selection.
  • Disable page printing.
  • Disable off-line page viewing.
  • Disable displaying the link address on the status bar.
  • Disable IE6 image toolbar and smart tags.
  • Support referrer URL check, and keep your web pages from being visited from specific URLs.


In just a few clicks, helped by an easy-to-use wizard, you can protect your HTML source code step-by-step .

  • No need to learn complicated languages such as Perl, PHP, or ASP. No need to learn profound encryption algorithms. No need to write a single line of CGI or JavaScript code. The Encrypt HTML Pro wizard will guide you so you can protect your valuable HTML source code in just a few clicks.


The protected page works anywhere!

  • Works with any modern web browser. No additional browser extension software is needed.

  • Supports any hosting server. No CGI, ASP, PHP, Web DB or other special web software is needed.

  • Supports publishing your protected web pages on CD, DVD or any other media.


Microsoft IE  Mozilla Firefox   Netscape   Opera    Mozilla Firefox    Safari


Many other useful features ......

  • Supports restoring from backup files.

  • Supports encrypting an entire page or just body section. You can also choose to protect email links, scripts or all hot-links.

  • ......

  Free Download Trial Version Right Now!

User Reviews


littlestar, This is one of the best to stop html thieves

I have been looking for something affordable to stop thieves from stealing all my hard work of webgraphics and I have found it... Encrypy HTML Pro is GREAT.

KewlKat007, Nice features, good encryption

I was going to use this product to encrypt the HTML pages of e-books I create in conjunction with my current e-book compiler.

I have done a simple test. I have found a website where you can paste your "encrypted" HTML code and it will decrypt it. So far, of three programs I have downloaded off of, two of them have failed and the "encrypted" code has been easily decrypted using the simple copy/paste decrypt method.

However, Encrypt HTML Pro 2.6 has produced code that is not easily decrypted. While I feel anything can be decrypted, I find it nice to know that the code produced is not as easily decrypted.

Another feature I like is that the output file size of the HTML files is half the size of the other two programs. Furthermore, this program has a nice set of features in protecting your HTML coding.

I do not recommend this (encrypting HTML files), though, for those that plan on using this on live websites that you would like search engines to find. Search engines are not too crazy about not being able to read sites they are trying so spider.

Annie Costa from Association of Synthetic Grass & Artificial Turf Installers

EHPro is our choice for page and script protection. My favorite thing, other than the interface (which is very clear and easy to navigate) is the control over file names, the step-by-step, idiot proof "wizard-like" environment, the speed (I was amazed at how fast it flew thru processing AND the pages worked the FIRST time i uploaded them AND they are protected from IE and Mozilla users - the only one we found to actually work when we tested pages, live, online with various browsers) .

I downloaded 6 trial programs before I bought yours and MSTOP Encrypt HTML Pro was - by far - the best at file handling, permissions control and cross-browser-rich protection.


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