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  How to password protect a web page saved from Microsoft Excel?


In Microsoft Excel, with menu "File" -> "Save as Web page", you can save the Excel data to web pages that you can publish on your website.

To password protect web pages created from Microsoft Excel, please keep in mind the followings.

For a multiple-sheets Excel file:

After you save an Excel file to web page format, MS Excel will generate an HTML file and a subfolder containing the HTML files of the sheets.

For example, saving the Excel file "mydata.xls" to a web page will create the file "mydata.htm". MS Excel will generate a main HTML file "mydata.htm" and a subfolder "mydata_ files". That will contain several HTML files: "tabstrip.htm", "sheet001.htm", "sheet002.htm", "sheet003.htm" and so on.

The "sheet00X.htm" files will be the web pages containing the real data in the Excel sheets.

When password protecting web pages created from Microsoft Excel:

1. In step 1, please ONLY select the "sheetX.htm" files in the subfolder, do NOT select the HTML file outside the subfolder. Otherwise, Internet Explorer may not work with it.

2. In step 3, please select the "Using faster encryption algorithms" option. This will help as MS Excel always generates a very large HTML file.

For a single-sheet Excel file:

In this situation, MS Excel will only generate one HTML file, so you may lock it as a normal HTML file. Be sure to select the option "Using faster encryption algorithms" in step 3. This will help, as MS Excel always generates a very large HTML file.


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