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How does the software work?
Where should the software run? On the local developing machine or the web server? Which file should I upload to the web server after protection?
How secure is it?

How does the software work?

The password protection is file-based.

The software works like a wrapper. It encrypts HTML file with a password and strong encryption algorithms, and gives it a "login" look. When the visitor inputs the password, it will use the password to decrypt itself and display the protected content.

For example, you want to password protect the file "c:\webdesign\test.html".

1. Launch the software and in step 1, select this HTML file.

2. In step 2, define a valid username and password, then click on the "next" button.

3. In the last step, click on the "lock" button, and the file will get protected.

After protection, the file "c:\webdesign\test.html" will be password protected. You can test this file on the local hard disk by opening it with your browser. Then you can upload the file to your web server.

The original un-protected file will be backed up as "c:\webdesign\test.html.PreLock".

After protection, you need only upload the protected file. Please do NOT upload the .PreLock file, as it is a backup file saved for your protection. Also, do NOT delete this backup file. You might need it later.

Please note that in the current version, the file to be protected must be on the local hard disk. After protection, you need to upload the protected file to your web server.

You can save the current configuration to a project .prj file. The .prj file will contain the information about the file list, user/password list, and all protection options. Should you need to edit your project ant project it once again, you will be able to load the .prj file to run the protection routine with ease.

Where should the software run? On the local developing machine or the web server? Which file should I upload to the web server after protection?

The software runs on the local Windows developing machine. You can use the software to password protect HTML files on the local computer. After protection, upload only the protected file(s) to your web server or publish the protected file(s) on a CD-ROM or other suitable media.

You need ONLY upload the protected file(s) to the web server.

Please do NOT upload the backed up file *.PreLock file. Do NOT upload the .prj file, as it is just a file to save the project configurations. Neither should you upload the user/password list .csv file, it's just a convenient where you can save the user/password list configuration.

Do upload to the server ONLY the protected file(s) that end in .htm or .html
Do NOT upload to the server

Any backed-up *.PreLock file(s)

The .pri file- this is just a project configuration file

The user/password .csv file - this is also a configuration file and you should safeguard it.

How secure is it?

There are similar products currently being offered that use simple ad-hoc algorithms. Unlike these, the HTML Password Lock solution uses strong industry standard algorithms. As a result, our protection is very secure.


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