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HTML Password Lock

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* Please perform a full backup of your web design files before using the software to protect them.

* By downloading, installing, or using the software, you agree to the Terms Of Use.


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Password protect your web pages with strong encryption algorithms. You can manage up to 1000 users/passwords or multiple single passwords.User/Password Management


Works with all kinds of web hosting servers and HTML editors.

  • Works with all modern web browsers, no additional browser extension software is needed.

  • Supports all kinds of hosting servers, no CGI, ASP, PHP, Web DB or any special web software is needed.

  • Supports publishing your protected web pages on CD, DVD or any other media.

  • Works with all kinds of popular HTML editors.

Working with Frontpage  Working with Dreamweaver  Working with Yahoo Site Builder  Working with MS Publisher password protection for Web Studiopassword protection for NVU

password protect web pages on GeocitiesSerif Webplus

password protect web page created with Microsoft Office Live Small BusinessHTML Password Lock

Password Protect web pages created with WYSIWYG Web Builder


With an easy-to-use wizard, you can password protect your web pages step-by-step in just a few clicks.Step by Step Wizard!

  • No need to learn complicated PERL, PHP, ASP and Web DB. No need to learn profound encryption algorithms. No need to write a piece of CGI or JavaScript code. The HTML Password Lock wizard will guide you as you password protect web pages, directories or your entire website in just a few clicks.


Many other useful features ......

  • Supports restore from backup files.

  • Supports customized login page style.

  • Supports error page: redirect the visitor to this page if the password is incorrect.

  • Supports referrer domain check.

  • Disables web browsers' remembering of usernames and passwords.
  Free Download Trial Version Right Now!

User Reviews

HTML Password Protect – Software to Encrypt and Password Protect Your Webpages

By George Norman - Software Editor

If you are looking for a software application that will encrypt and password protect your webpages, then you will find what you’re looking for in HTML Password Protect. Sure, there are other similar programs out there, what sets HTML Password Protect apart are the strong algorithms it employs to secure webpages – HTML, ASP and PHP. Once encrypted, the webpage will work anywhere, even without a server.

The only way someone can access the encrypted and password protected webpage is if that person knows the password. You are the only one who knows the password – there is little chance for someone to uncover what that password is. You see, to ensure something like this does not happen, HTML Password Protect does not store the password in the encrypted page.

HTML Password Protect provides three types of protection: Page, Session and Cookie. Page protection means your webpages will be encrypted and password protected. To access your protected webpage, one must provide a password first. Session protection is used to protect a whole site with the same password. This protection type works by locally storing a cookie on your computer; the cookie and the secured info it contains is removed once you close the web browser. Cookie protection works in much the same way as Session protection – passwords are stored as cookies on the user’s computer, a whole web page can be protected, passwords are stored by default for 365 days (1 year).

Think of HTML Password Protect as a wrapper that goes over the HTML file you want to protect. The HTML file is encrypted and password protected. Only when the correct password is protected, the HTML file is taken out of its wrapper and revealed to the user. Speaking of which, HTML Password Protect can help you manage up to 1000 users. There are two password protection modes. You can use a single password to protect your HTML file, or you can set up individual passwords for various users.

Installing HTML Password Protect will take but a moment. Once the software is up and running, 5 mouse clicks are all it takes to password protect your web pages.


* Strong encryption standards
* Easy to use


* Use free of charge only during the trial period
* Ad banner is displayed on the protect HMTL page


Thank you so much for introducing me to HTML Password Lock and it was so easy like you stated below and I have been telling all my friends about your software. I have been looking for this software for the past 15 months and now that I found it - thanks to you.

It is unbelievable that we have a software like "HTML Password Lock" that I was told many times by more ten different host that the only way that I could get a Membersite page added to my website with Single/Multi Users login access was to cancel/move to another host and that option was unacceptable because I cannot get the tools that I'm currently using anywhere. Your Software as cheap and easy as it is made it so possible for me to stay with my current Host. I have two web sites (my Business site and my community site I designed the two sites but now with your HTML Password Lock I will be able to answer all my friends that have been calling me to design web site for them but they were asking for a membersite page with a password lock for multi users.

Dan Armstrong:

I always forward comments when I download software and it doesn't work as advertised or doesn't work properly at all.

So I now feel compelled to write and let you know I am tremendously pleased with HTML Password Lock. I've downloaded a total of 5 other similar programs from other companies and couldn't get them to work the way I wanted to. One program I managed to "get to work" required "cut and paste" of various scripts and codes. Once it was up and working I found that it was simply a "redirect" type of program. Anyone who knew the url of the protected page could access it by typing in the url into their browser. Doing this completely "by-passed" the log in page. I was becoming quite frustrated until I tried your product.

It works great. I'm no programmer, but I haven't been able to circumvent the process and get to my protected pages without entering a password. No cut and paste creates everything for the user. You have a wonderful product and I am a very happy customer. I will not hesitate purchasing more products from you in the future should I find I need something like the "search engine" program or similar products.

Thank you for producing a product that's easy to use and works as advertised. This is very rare.


Dan Armstrong

Hondal: Easy, simple but powerful

An excellent utility, simple, easy to use, but powerful. It does what it says. Their service is also exceptional. Highly recommended.

tstephen: Easy to use, Highly recommend it

I have tried to use .htaccess file to protect my web page, which spent two weeks, got nothing but headache, until I found this program. It features a step by step interface, just select a html file from local computer in step 1, define username and pssword in step 2, click "lock" button at last step, the web page will be password protected. very easy to use, saved my life, highly recommend it.


Jonathan Crane

I'd just like to pass on my praise for you excellent product HTML Password Lock. The program does everything it claims to, is bug free and to top it all is easy to use. Well done to all on the development team.


Eduardo (from CHILE)

Thank you very much for your prompt and complete response. Congratulations for the outstanding new version of the product and the excellent support!


kevin0987: great system, saved my life

Great program, it practically saved my life. its made password locking capable for newbies like us!


Sean Curley, Denver, CO (USA)

I purchased HTML password lock after looking at between 5 and 10 competing products. I am a novice web developer, but needed the ability to control access to my website by viewer's state location (due to professional licensing requirements) and also to have separate client-only access control for certain pages. I also wanted the ability to send links to clients with the ability to have that link bypass password processing. This software allowed me to everyting I wanted and to do it very easily. Additionally, I found MTOP's support to be outstanding. My few questions were answered quickly and very helpfully. Most impressively, when I made a suggestion for an enhancement that would dramatically improve usability, they were very quick to implement within about 30 days -- just unbelievable! If you need a quick and easy way to password protect your website, this is a great product.


Lindabright: very easy to use, worth the money

Very easy to use. It has a step by step wizard interface, in step 1, you select HTML file to protect, in step 2, define username and password, and in last step, you click "lock", then the HTML file will be password protected. You can protect HTML file with single password or multiple usernames and passwords. I protected serveral web pages of my web sites, and they work very well. And also, the email supporting is outstanding.



Outstanding help and documentation. Free for working trials with some nag messages. Really simple to use. Customize the login page layout. Does exactly what I expected.


Ic0nBoy: Brilliantly easy

Tried for a looooooong time with .htaccess to get this password working, but could never do it! HTML Password Lock was just what I needed and it was so easy!


erik ketele: it does all I needed to password protect several webpages.

Very easy to use, we had our pages protected in a few hours time. The email support on a small question was outstanding.

The price for this product is very reasonable. Until further notice, 5 stars.


Kymberlyn: Above and Beyond Expectations

I tried/tested a total of 9 programs tonight - some from search engines, some from this web site. This is the only program that meet our needs! It really does protect the whole site - or just a page or pages in a folder, if that is what you need. Flexible too! You can ask each visitor to login on each page, or login once and assign cookies (expiring when browser is closed or up to 365 days later) to remember them and allow access to all pages, or only a group of pages if don't want all visitors to go to the same areas. Example - your ecommerce site - have retail sign in with access to one set of pages, wholesalers sign in and are taken someplace else. The visitors cannot view pages in other sections - the cookie will stop them! Added bonus - and this is what makes it stand above the rest - old visitors who may have bookmarked a page in the middle of the site will need to enter password to view the page again. Most other programs lack this ability making them basically useless - it's dumb to protect pages if visitors can email links around to friends or post links on message boards and those links completely bypass the login page. In short - I am highly impressed! At first I thought this was a bit costly, $49.00, but after trying the cheaper ones I am sold. $49 really isn't that bad.


Paul: Love it! Simple, does what you say it does.

I'm a rookie who just purchased HTML Password Lock after several htaccess headaches. Love it! Simple, does what you say it does.



I really like your software, and have purchased it now. I've used similar programs but the features and ease of use of the MTop product is superior.


Bob Prater
Concord, Ca.

Just a note to let you know how much I like the HTML Password Lock. Although I have been an armature webmaster for several years, this is the first piece of software that I can use to limit viewing to select users. I am currently using Dreamweaver 4 (an old version) and am easily able to lock a web page with just a few key strokes. I have used other software but was soon disillusioned because of the complex nature and high cost. This software give the best bang for the buck with reasonable high security.

Thank you very much for this software. Keep up the great work.

I'd give you 5 of 5 stars.



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