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Quick Start:

How to password protect my web pages in five steps?

Working with HTML editors:


Working with Yahoo  Site Builder HTML Password Lock


Microsoft FrontPage Macromedia Dreamweaver Yahoo Site Builder Microsoft Office Publisher Web Studio by the Back To The Beach Software NVU
Yahoo Geocities Free with PageWizards and PageBuilder Serif Webplus Micorsoft Expression Web
NetObjects Fusion Google Page Creator
password protect web page created with Microsoft Office Live Small Business
Microsoft Office Live Small Business Web Easy Professional
Password Protect web pages created with WYSIWYG Web Builder HTML Password Lock
WYSIWYG Web Builder Incomedia Website X5
Xara Web Designer  


Frequently Asked Questions:



How does the software work?
Where should the software run? On the local developing machine or the Web server? Which file should I upload to the Web server after protection?
How secure is it?

Password protection:

Where is my original HTML file? I tried to open the protected HTML file, but all I get is the locked info!
How to un-lock files with the software?
How to edit the locked file? Can't I edit it anymore?
How to add, delete, and modify the valid user/password list?
How can I use the software to protect multiple web pages, directories or entire websites?
How to retrieve current login username, and display it?
How to add a logout function?
The "Back" button of web browser does not work on the locked page. How to fix this problem?
How to fix the problem with JavaScript web menu?
When I open the locked web page with IE6 and IE7 browsers, after login, the contents are shifted to the left or are left justified, but Firefox and Opera are just fine. How to correct this?
How to password protect PDF, DOC, XLS, PPT, image and other kinds of non-web files with HTML Password Lock?
How to password protect web page saved from Microsoft Excel?
I got the error message "This page requires AC_RunActiveContent.js" when I tried to login to the protected page.
How to password protect an HTML page with a FrontPage extension based web form or JavaScript based web menu?

Login box design:

I want to add a login box to my home page, how can I do this?
Can I transfer username and password as parameters to the protected file, so the visitor won't need to enter username and password manually?
How to customize the look of the login page with a template file?

Wizard interface:

Which protection type should I select?
What is "Mark of the Web"?


Do I need to install any extra CGI script or SQL database on my web server in order to show the locked page?
What browser is HTML Password Lock compatible with?
Does HTML Password Lock support UNICODE and multi-byte systems?
Does the software run on a Mac OS?
Why do I get an Internet Explorer security message when viewing the protected files directly from the hard disk?
How to support Asian and European languages?

Ordering & registration:

Which license should I order? User License or Business License?
I have bought one license. Can I use it to protect more than one websites?
I have bought one license. Can I install it and run the software on more than one computers?




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