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Paul, Meteorite Dealers - Meteorites For Sale

What a wonderful search engine! It's working great! Thank you for making it so flexible. Your well thought out design combined with the index data being stored on our server have given us opportunities we could only dream of before. Our clients are very impressed with both the speed and output of the searches.

With our knowledge of PHP we have been able to add additional data to the index data created by Search Engine Composer so the search output includes our clients websites and current ebay auction items. We also set up a Cron job so the indexing happens hourly 24/7.

I'm 100% satisfied with both the product and support, and that doesn't happen very often...

Paul Royse: Search Engine Composer is a superb program that does everything that we
need. It efficiently and automatically provides an accurate searchable index
of our complex Job Board at - Thank you!

jumper2006: just amazing

Just took me half an hour to add a search box to my web site. Works great and looks professional.

count123 : easy to use and professional

I have five web sites, with SEC, I created search engine box for each web site. I am very happy with the product.

Have tested and reviewed many solutions and software, I have to say, this one is the best.

It does exactly what it says and all I need.

lianghl : 5 stars, strongly recommend this.

I have tried four similar products from cnet, and this one is the best.

I created a php search engine for my web site, and this only took me several minutes. The indexing is very fast, and there are many options to customize the search engine style, the search engine works fine and looks professional.

About the review of wvccboy: That is not true, frankly, I even doubt whether the product he reviewed is "search engine composer". The software is very easy to use. There are 1,2,3 on the toolbars which will guide you how to index and build the search engine. And also, there are many options which can customize your own search engine for your web site. And in fact, I think the only Cons of this software is the template. There are only two simple template files in the software. I have suggested the author to add more templates for this nice software. I think this will boost their sales. I have also wrote my opinion on the reply to his review.

magickal24: Great product, lets you do a lot in the trial

You can choose the format -javascript, php or asp. It gives you code to put right on your site, no need to use their format. You can probably index 10 sites, because I did alot more then 10 pages on the trial. Easy to figure out, You configure it the way you want through index options and build options. Looks professional on a site.

Lindabright: powerful and easy to use

simple and very easy to use. It has 1,2,3 on the buttons to instruct you how to index and build search engine in 3 steps.

I created several search engines for my web sites, and they work very well.

I also customized the search result page with a templte file, so it can match the style of my web sites. They look very nice.

I strongly recommend this.

Derek: Many thanks for an excellent and value-for-money product.

I purchased your Search Engine Composer today, and it works perfectly for the 600+ pages we have on the site - with the minimum of fuss in setting it up. It is particularly valuable in the checking of broken links.


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