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Search Engine Composer FAQ

Quick Start Guide

How to add a search engine to your website in four steps.

This is a brief tour of how to use Search Engine Composer.

Ordering / Registration:

Is the price a one-time expense ?
Which license should I order? User License or Developer License?
Can I use the software to add search engine to all my websites?
Can I remove "Powered by ..." line from the search result page after I've purchased the product?

Index and build search engine:

How to exclude pages and words?
How to index sub-domain sites?
How to divide my site into independently searchable sections?
How to make an offline search engine for CD-ROM/DVD?
How to index from local computer, and make an online search engine for websites?
How to setup and view search reports?
How to customize your search results page with a template file?
Why the Internet Explorer alert security message when running the JavaScript search engine?
How to schedule Composer to index, build and upload search engine on a regular basis?
How to target the search result to a frame or inline iframe?
How to make a website search engine for multiple domains?


How to fill the blank "Upload files to folder or path on server, for example "/public_html/search/" in the "Upload" window?


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Search Engine Composer
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