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Create a Search Engine for your online website, Intranet, CD and DVD in Minutes!

A site search engine gives your visitors a chance to find something quickly on your site by searching, much like they are used to getting with the Google, Yahoo!, Bing, HotBot and other online search engines.

Your own site search engine will give your site a more professional appearance and help visitors find the information quickly without wading through hundreds of irrelevant results. This will keep them on your site, and will also teach you more about what your visitors are looking for.

Search Engine Composer is a powerful software product, capable of indexing your entire site quickly and building an efficient search engine for your site. 

Search Engine Composer

Easy-to-use and instant work

Search Engine Composer is the easiest way to add search capabilities to your web site. NO setup required on the server, just index your website, and upload the files generated by the program. Then your site search engine will be ready to run.

Works with Internet, Intranet and offline search

It can perform two kinds of Web indexing: online HTTP indexing and offline local disk indexing. It uses three kinds of search scripts: PHP ,JavaScript and ASP. It supports Internet and Intranet Web searches, as well as CD/DVD offline Web search.

Supports Boolean search (using AND, OR and NOT), supports wildcards by using the * and ? characters

It supports Boolean search queries using AND, OR and NOT. For example: (word1 and word2) or (word1 and word2 not word3) or (word1 or word2). The search engine also supports search queries that contain wildcards by using the * and ? characters, where * will match any zero or more characters and ? will match any zero or one character. For example, con* will match contribute, connect, and no? will match not, nod.

Built-in Scheduler: no need to worry about the daily Web content update

You can schedule Search Engine Composer to automatically index, build the search engine, and upload the files to the Web server on a regular basis! With the scheduler, you can automatically update the search engine daily, weekly, monthly or using many other options.

Reports visitors' searches

With Search Engine Composer, you won't need to guess what your visitors are looking for! Get immediate access to complete search reports, including the Top 50 Keyword Report, 50 Recently Performed Searches Report, and Searches Activity Report.

Only pay once for Search Engine Composer! No monthly fees are required.

You can own your site search engine outright, create as many different search engines for as many websites, and distribute as many CD/DVD offline web search as you need! All this requires just a single license of Search Engine Composer. Best yet, included in the price is a life-time free upgrade for the product.

Supports all kinds of documents.

You can index static and dynamic HTML pages (such as SHTML, XML, ASP, PHP, JSP, CGI, ColdFusion), and the product also supports Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, RTF and Adobe PDF file formats.

Divides your sites into independently searchable sections.

Search Engine Composer supports dividing your sites into independently searchable sections, thus giving you much better control over your site's search engine.

Full control over the search query page and search result page.

With powerful template management, you can easily customize the search query page and search result page.

High Security and Best Performance

All indexed data of your website and everything the search engine needs will be located on your own server, thus keeping your data private and secure. And because there are no references to other websites, you will get the best performance.

Fast, scalable, and supports large websites!

Whether you're a hobbyist or a corporate Web designer, Search Engine Composer is sure to satisfy your needs.

Add-on website broken-link checker

The software features a powerful website broken-link checker. This offers an additional essential tool for you to build a professional and reliable website.


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