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Choosing menu "Build" -> "Options" or clicking the Options button on the main toolbar opens the "Options" dialog, where you can setup the options of the search engine.

Basic Options:

Select type of scripts:

Search Engine Composer supports three kinds of scripts: JavaScript,  PHP and ASP. JavaScript is suitable for CD/DVD offline search or small websites with fewer than 500 pages.  ASP and PHP are suitable for large websites, but your website needs to support the corresponding scripts.

PHP search engine supports complete search reports, including Top 50 Keyword Report, 50 Recently Performed Searches Report, and Searches Activity Report.

Save generated files to directory:

The generated search engine files will be placed in this directory. You need to upload or copy the search engine files to your Web server.

Search box:

Specify the style of search box.

Result Page Style:

Result Item Layout:

Specify the style, including color, font and font size of the listed search results.


With Search Engine Composer, you can build a search box that lets your users search your entire site or a specific section of your site. For more on this, please refer to How to divide my site into independently searchable sections?


Select the charset of your Web pages.

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