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Order the product

Please visit our website for details on how to order the product :

Resend your registration code

If you are a registered user and have lost your registration code, or your registration code does won't work for a newer version, you may resend your registration code with your order email address at

Register the product with your registration code

  • Once your order is approved, your registration code will be sent to you immediately in the order confirmation email. If you don't receive it in a reasonable time (normally, 2 hours is ample time), please contact us at .
  • In the order confirmation email, highlight (drag the mouse over) the registration code text to select it, right-click your mouse, in the popup window, select "Copy" to copy the registration code to the Windows Clipboard.
  • Launch the software. In the startup window, click on the "Register Now" button.

  • In the "Register" dialog window, right click on the "Registration code" text field and in the popup window select the "Paste" option in order to enter the registration code from Windows Clipboard.
  • Type your name into the "Username" field, then click on the "Register Now" button.


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