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How to schedule Composer to index, build and upload search engine files on a regular basis?

This feature lets you setup Composer to automatically index your site, build search engine, and upload the files on a regular basis.

First, make sure that the current configurations are correct, and that you have these configurations saved in a project .ini file.

You can then click on the "Scheduled task" button on the main toolbar, or select "Scheduled task"from the "Build"menu.

In the "Scheduled task" window, you can add, edit, and delete scheduled tasks for various configuration files.

Add task
Click on the "Add task" button. With the step-by-step wizard, you can set options for the scheduled task.

Note also that you should specify the password for the user account that will be running the scheduled task.  With the Schedule/Edit button, you can set the scheduler to run daily, weekly, monthly or at a user-defined interval.

Edit task
To modify the schedule for a task, simply select the task from the list and click on the "Edit task" option.

Delete task
To stop or delete a scheduled task, select the task from the list and click on the "Del task" option.


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