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How to divide my site into independently searchable sections?

With Search Engine Composer, you can build a search box that lets your users search your entire site or specific catagories of your site.

There are two steps involved in allowing your visitors to search by category: Divide your index into categories, and customize your search query box to access those categories.

How to divide my index into categories?

You can define categories of your search in the "Options" window, "Categories" panel.

Each category specification consists of a category name and a "match pattern". For example:
Sales   *
Others *

When determining which category specification to apply, the first matching category specification will be used.

The "match pattern" is simply a standard Web address, but may contain the common wildcards "*" and "?" to make it match more than one Web address, such as "*". The "*" will match any number of any character and the "?" will match any single character. The characters are matched without regard to case (thet are case-insensitive). You should include the "http://" or "https://" in your URL masks.

How to customize a search box to access categories selection?

In the "Options" window, "Search box" panel, check the "Add categories selection to search box" option. There are two kinds of selection styles: drop-down list and checkbox.


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