Manage button template
  1. Add button template theme
  2. Add button template

i. Add button template theme

The button templates are categorized as Themes. The version 2.0 includes 16 themes. You can add your own theme, and make your own button template.

To add a button template theme, please click menu "Template/Add button theme", in the "Add button theme" dialog, input the theme name. The name can not be same as an existing one.

ii. Add button template

You can make your own button template with the button template editor. To new a button template, please click menu "Template/Add button template". To edit an existing button template, right click on the template button, click "Edit" in the popup menu.

Load Bitmap:
Click "Load bitmap" button on the "New template" window, you can load your own template image file.

The format of template image file:

  • The image file must be BMP format file.
  • The image file contains button image for each button state, one-by-one, vertically.
  • Each button state image must have same height.
  • You should set the "Total images" to the number of states in your template file.
  • "State 1" corresponds to the Normal state, "State 2" is the state when moving mouse over the button, "State 3" is the pressed state.

An example:


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