Export images

You can export the designed web buttons as image files in GIF, BMP and JPG formats.

To export button image files, please click "Export images" button on the main toolbar, or click menu "Publish/Export images".

"Export image files" dialog:

Button image files list: This list displays all button image files. You can click on an item, and edit it properties.

Checkbox: The checkbox detemines whether or not to export image files of the selected button item.

Button text: The text appears on the button. You can not change it at here.

File name: You can change this by entering text at the right text box "Button image file name".

The button states and corresponding file name: If you have defined the buttons as "3 state" or "3 state toggle" on the main button toolbar, there will be three image files for one button. Suppose the filename you define is "home", and the file format is "GIF", then the image file of "normal state" will be "home_0.gif", the image file of "mouse over" state will be "home_1.gif", and the image file of "pressed" stated will be "home_2.gif". That is:

  • Filename_0.gif/jpg/bmp: normal state
  • Filename_1.gif/jpg/bmp: hot state
  • Filename_2.gif/jpg/bmp: pressed state

Save button image files to directory: Select a directory to save the button image files.

Browse button image files after export: Open the defined directory after exporting.

Button image file format: The version 2.0 supports three kinds of image file format: GIF, BMP and JPG.

Export: Export button image files to the defined directory.


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