Quick Start: How to integrate web button menu to your web pages?

There are mainly two steps to integrate web button menu to your web pages.

Step 1: Generate HTML source code, and insert the code into your web pages.

Step 2: Copy relevant images and JavaScript files to the directory where your web pages exist.

1. Click "Export HTML" button on the main toolbar.

Web Button Menu Maker

2. Use the Export HTML Source Code Wizard to generate HTML code, and insert the code into your web page.

Export Web Buttons

By default, you can just click "Next", and use the default options. The details of these options are as follows:

  • Export as Javascript (*.js) include file: This option will export the HTML code of the web button menu to a Javascript (*.js) include file, which makes the HTML file tidy and clean.
  • Export as pure HTML code: This option will export the web button menu to HTML code, and you need to insert the code to the HTML file to make the navigation bar.
  • Use W3C Dom to write HTML code: By default, the Javascript scripts will use "Document.write" to write dynamically generated html source code. But in some situations, this may cause problems. Using W3C standard Dom will avoid this problem. To work with the password protection software HTML Password Lock, you should select this option.
  • Add prefix for image and JavaScript files: By default, all generated images and JS files will have same sames. If you want to add multiple web button menus to one web page, you should define different prefixs to distinguish different web menus.

3. Export the HTML source code to a new HTML file or insert the code to an existing one.

Make Web Buttons

4. The last step is to copy the subfolder which contains the images and JS files to the folder where your HTML file exists. If in previous step, you have selected to insert code to an existing HTML file, the copy should have been made automatically by the software.

And at last, do not forget to upload the subfolder to your web server.


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