How to insert web button menu to Yahoo Site Builder?


This tutorial will show you how to insert Web Button Menu into Yahoo Site Builder.

Step 1

Make web button menu with Web Button Menu Maker.

Step 2

  • In Web Button Menu Maker, click "Export HTML" button, then click "Next" in the dialog, in the following window, choose the option "Export code to a new HTML file".
  • Click "Save as" button, in the "Save as" dialog, navigate the folder where you save your web design files.
  • Type a name for the file, any name will work. In this tutorial, we save the file as webbutton.html.

Step 3

In Windows Explorer, navigate to the folder where you save the web design files, open the new made file "webbutton.html" with Windows Notepad. Select and copy the code in the HTML file:

Step 4

Launch Yahoo Site Builder, open the web page you want to include the web button, choose menu Insert -> Code Elements -> HTML. In the Popup "HTML Code" dialog, paste the code to this box, then click "OK".

Step 5

Drag the green grids and adjust the position and size of the "HTML" element, the size should be large enough for the drop down menu. You can now choose menu File -> Preview in Browser to preview the web button menu. If you are using Internet Explorer as your web browser, you need to click the yellow bar on top of the page, and choose "Allow Blocked Content". This message only displays when you preview the file on local computer. When publishing website to your web server, you need upload the subfolder "images" to your web server.


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